baby reflux cot bed wedge Baby reflux cot bed wedge

Chhandita Chakravarty May 27, Sleep is a precious commodity.

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  • Not only do you want your baby to sleep well, you also want her to sleep right. And that is what sleep positioners claim to do. From acid reflux to flat head syndrome — the makers of sleep positioners promise a plethora of benefits. But how true is their claim?

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    What Is A Sleep Positioner? Sleep positioners come in two forms. One has a flat mat with soft wedges on either side. The other looks similar but has a slight incline to keep your baby in an upright position. SIDS kills several hundred infants every year. Sponsored Parents seem to have taken to sleep positioners with frenzy.

    According to reports, about 13 infant deaths have been linked to sleep positioners in the last 15 years. Contrary to claims, these devices may raise the risk of SIDS.

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  • In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend the use of sleep positioners. But many parents still swear by it! But many parents think otherwise.

    baby reflux cot bed wedge Baby reflux cot bed wedge

    Here are some benefits of investing in a sleep positioner for baby: Should you buy one? If you think you can be watchful and keep an eye on your baby, sleep positioners can make a great tool. But before you go ahead and buy one, talk to your pediatrician. So, you have decided to go ahead and invest in a sleep positioner.

    Offer smaller feedings more frequently. Aids and devices intended to keep infants in certain sleep positions are not recommended; they do not prevent your infant from rolling onto their tummy prone , and they limit their movements as they get older.

    Now comes the fun part — shopping! Sleep positioners come in many varieties.

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  • Here are the best of them: It can be used in cribs, strollers, and bouncers too.



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