twins baby cot bed Twins baby cot bed

See active discussions on Multiples and Twins b Newborn twins to sleep in the same cot Anyone planning to let your newborn twins sleep in the same cot? Our twins will be arriving in two weeks and we are still contemplating whether we should let them sleep in the same cot? Reason being I wanted to sleep in the same room with the twins and can't accommodate two cots in the room Just wondering if there are any danger in letting them sleep together.

The first few months, after that they need to be separated to protect against SIDS. While some people don't want to separate their twins it is in their best interest to keep them safe rather than try to build a bond while they are sleeping together. We figured it would be enough of an adjustment when we moved them into cribs.

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We didn't want to add having to separate them as well. Now last night we took the first step and we moved them into their own room. Next step will be moving into their cribs. At that point, my son started sleeping better so we separated them.

Then we moved them to their room where they shared a crib until 8 months old. At that point my son would crawl over to his sister and use her as a step stool to stand up! We separated them into two mini cribs 2 full size cribs won't fit in their room.

If your baby rolls onto their tummy, you should place them on their back again with their feet to the foot of the cot. Most twins don't appear bothered by their sibling's crying , even when they're in the same cot. If your babies sleep in the same cot, follow the same guidelines for safe sleeping that apply to a single baby.

In the beginning they simply slept better when they were together. Even before they were able to crawl - or really even roll - no matter where we laid them down in their crib they'd find a way to snuggle together. We used Snuza Halo movement monitors they detect breathing I highly recommend them! A bit pricey, but worth every penny. They started moving around and getting unswaddled and we were afraid to leave them together.

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  • They never missed a beat being separated and started sttn. Since 5mo we can barely leave them together to play for 10min without someone getting hit or kicked and crying.

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  • There is no way ours could sleep together now, at 6m, they would wake each other up from all the moving around.

    J JennyJen85 We co-slept for the first 5 months then my twins shared a cot, swaddle til they were 6 months and they are now unswaddled in their own cots. We didn't any problems with any of the adjustments from our bed, to a cot, then from sharing a cot to being in their own!

    We then moved them into the nursery where they sleep in their own cot bed. Enjoy those precious babies!! Did you guys start by letting them sleep side by side each other, head to head legs facing both ends of the crib , legs to legs heads on each end of the crib or did you use a cot divider? Is side by side the most ideal position because they can share body heat?

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  • And as long as they are swaddled up, there shouldn't be much danger of them suffocating or hit each other, right? My pediatrician is totally opposed. It's a real SIDS risk.

    twins baby cot bed Twins baby cot bed

    It's just not worth the risk to me. I especially feel this way because my friend's brother died of SIDS. Parallel to each other.

    twins baby cot bed Twins baby cot bed

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