baby cot furniture Baby cot furniture

Deciding how to paint and decorate your baby's nursery is a lovely project.

baby cot furniture Baby cot furniture

Our five-step guide will help you to make your baby's room safe and sound. Are the sockets and wiring safe? Modern plug sockets have built-in safety features to protect your baby. Socket covers can actually make these features less effective, so it's safer not to use them NHS If you're not sure how old your sockets are, ask an electrician to check that they meet the BS Cables and leads will need to be positioned out of your child's reach and away from sources of heat.

Are there enough power sockets? Are they in the right place? If you haven't already, install a smoke alarm on each floor of your home, and a carbon monoxide alarm if you have gas-fired heating or a gas cooker. Remember to replace the batteries every year Which?

Are the windows and doors secure?

Are the sockets and wiring safe? Firm It Up Unlike the dreamy clouds of comfort you might create in your own bedroom, crib mattresses should be firm, like a brick. If being green is important to you, look online for a list of environmentally conscious baby furniture manufacturers.

If you have sash windows, always open the top part of the window rather than the bottom half, and fit locks to prevent your child from opening them from the bottom. Fix low windows so that they don't open more than Fit door-slam stoppers to protect your child's fingers. There are different types - some fit the latch side and some the hinge side. Is there any old paint? Lead paint in bad condition can create dangerous dust.

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  • If your home was built before the mids and still has original coats of paint, it may contain some lead Defra If the original paintwork is in good condition, it can be sealed with an over-coat of new paint. However, if it's peeling and in bad condition, it should be removed. Modern household paints are lead-free. Read our expert advice on painting when pregnant. How can I arrange the furniture safely? Use furniture that won't topple over.

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    A simple bracket should do the job. Put latches on any lower drawers that you don't want your baby to open and attach protector cushions to furniture corners. Try to get into the habit of closing drawers to prevent your child from bumping her head or trapping her fingers. Make sure baby wipes, nappy sacks and toiletries are within your reach but out of your baby's.

    Put away any nappy-changing equipment once you've finished with it.

    baby cot furniture Baby cot furniture

    For extra safety, you could put the changing table against the wall. How do I make sure my baby sleeps safely? Make sure that the mattress fits snugly too.

    If your cot is second-hand or borrowed, check it for safety. If you want to strip and repaint the cot then ask a DIY enthusiast to do the work for you. Create a safe zone around the cot by positioning it away from windows, heaters, lamps , wall decorations and cords.

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  • Keep furniture that your baby could clamber onto away from the cot too. Don't put pillows, cushions, quilts, cot bumpers, duvets or soft toys inside the cot.

    They may make the cot look cosy, but they also increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS. Invest in a room thermometer to help you to keep track of the temperature. Even if the room is within the right temperature range, watch out for other heat sources. If your baby gets too hot , he may be more at risk of SIDS. Read our article on how to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS.

    If your home was built before the mids and still has original coats of paint, it may contain some lead Defra Our cot bed mattress height easily adjusts and with the included conversion panels go from cot bed to toddler to day bed. A very reasonably priced nursing chair.

    Find out how to baby-proof your home and keep your baby safe in every room. Keeping children safe from electric shocks. Equipment to keep your child safe.

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  • Essential baby safety equipment.



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