john lewis train cot bed duvet cover John lewis train cot bed duvet cover

The House is modern, and consists of a good Kitchen, 1 Parlour, 4 Bedrooms, and a roomy Cellar, with a Yard and Garden at the back thereof. It fronts the public highway leading from Eglwysfach to Llanaamflraid. Hugh Roberts and Mr. Williams, and at the back on land belonging to the Rev. For further particulars, apply to Mr. The Drawing-room is tastefully equipped with fa. The Kitchen is extensively furnished with the usual rcquisites appurtenant to that department.

E rON, with pa- tent axles, nearly lIew. Catalogues, embodying every particular, may be had at the principle Hotels in the vicinity, and of the Auc- tioneer. On View on Monday, the 22nd July.

john lewis train cot bed duvet cover John lewis train cot bed duvet cover

Valuable Mining Shares, de. George KYlkc, a bankrupt in the following or such other lots as m y be agrt-ed upon at the time ot Sale, and subject to such conditions as shall be then rrodueed LOT I.

This 'line has been c uried on for a number of years by diiving two levels from near high water mark into the strung ground, for the purpose of drainage, The prospects of the mine are considered to be highly en.

Day levels have been driven to the south and east, and from the nature of the strata and the great success which has attended other Mining operations in the district, especially at lalar Goch, and more recently at Talacre, the prospects of this Mine are ei. The tli share of the said George Kyrke in a large Steam Pumping Engine, 51 inch cylinder and 8 feet stroke, single power, on Bulton and atts principle, vith iron beam arch, heads and chains, three boilers, with steam and feed pipes, iron bars, s.: Shaft, t inches diameter, about ; feet stroke oil Bolton and Watts' principle, with iron be im, parallel motion, and two boilers, with steam ar.

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  • Also, in Weighing Machine, sundry pipes and castings, on the bank; nearly yards ot pumps in the shafts, sundry pipes to pools, and other Mining Implements and utensils. U, near Wrexham; Mr. Wrexham, 20th June, Id by Auction, By Mr. On the property is a small Cot for the use of a person in the occasional charge of the Cottage. The frontage is sufficiently extended to enable a pur- chaser to erect a Marine Residence on a considerable scale.

    Immediate possession may be had. The established character of Rhyl as a Bathing-place, tenders any commendation needless: Richard Jones, as tenant from year to year. This desirable property comprises in a ring boundary about Kil ai ivs of excellent land, well-fenced, and in good condition; now mostly in grass with appropriate and substantial Farm-buildings, and a productive Orchard and About seven acres are laid out in Coppices of tunning Timber, of about 30 years growth, placed in the most effeotive situations for ornament and shelter, some of which, with a river, form a considerable portion of the boundary of the Estate.

    Lime, Coal, and sva-sand, are procured at the distance of a mile, at the creek of Dulas. An occular inspection would suggest to intending purchasers many beautiful sites for building a residence; the position being a gentle eminence, facing towards the southland commanding views of great extent and unrivalled interest.

    George s Chan- j nel may be enumerated the offing of the bays of Dulas, and Point Lynas; the latter well nown as the pilot station for ships approaching to and departing from Liverpool. Inland are the picturesque mansion and park of Llysdulas the residence of Lord Dinorben, the eastern coast of Anglesey, the Ormahead, Peu- lnaeninawr, and the montaiu range of Carnarvonshire in the distance.

    The market and post towns of Llanerchymedd and Amlwch, with the seaport of the latter, are each distant about 4 miles; and the Chester and Holyhead Railway, brings Irtluud, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and many other places, within a short day's journey; thus combining, with porfrct retirement, the of quick and easy access to all parts of the kingdom. A 1"11 t of the purchase money might remain on A 1,? Richard Jones, will shew the Estate, A map may be seen, and further particulars known on application to Messrs.

    Cae Blyddyn," containing by estimation 14A.

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    It is held by the Coed Talon Company under a lease for a term 01 lil years, dated in or about DJ43, at royal- ties which yield a liberal annual sum. Fine Veins of Coal, Ironstone, and most excellent Building Stone exist under this Property, aud are now being worked with great spirit; and as there is direct Railway Communica- tion with all parts of England from the pit mouth the proprietors are enabled to command public supp"rt.

    This Land contains important Seams of Coal and Iron-stone is situate upon most excellent Roads, to which it has totny frontages, and some of which afford very excellent Building sites, much sought after in this locality.

    Suitable for a School. From the very low scale of his charges, an important advantage will be derive from this mealir,, as it stves the expense of purchasing an cxlre quantity of Piate lor occllsional Use. The Clarence has been used but a few times, and is in excellent order. Terms for Buarders and Day Pupils may be obtained from the Head-master.

    Bed and Breakfast, 2s. Hot, Cold, and Shower Baths, Is. A Porter in attendance all Night. Attached to the Hotel is the Brunswick Club. Size of Plate, 10 x 8. All other Sizes and Kinds in proportion. A liberal allowance made to the trade. An inspection of which is solicited. He begs to assure them that all Orders he may be favoured with shall receive his strict attention.

    From Chester 1 0 0 1 10 0 2 0 0 Holyhcad 1 10 0? Persons wishing for 7 days, go by the Train on July 15, and return from London, July IS do July 15, Do. Passengers from Holyhead, Bangor, and the inter- mediate Stations to Chester, will be allowed to pass from any Station to Chester by any Train excepting Mail or Express the day before, 80 AS to be at Chester on the Evenings of July 12th and 14th, ready to start for London by the Excursion Trains from Chester, on the Mornings of the 13th and 15th.

    A moderate Premium will be required. They are now raising the celebrated two yards seam, which is so well known and so much admired throughout the country it is justly considered supe- rior even to the best Liverpool Coals. Their Price at the Work is 10s. Orders from Gentlemen at a distance will have im- mediate and best attention. THE extrem e clearness and fidelity of these Pictures Tmu. Sweetman has effected several very im- portant improvements, both chemically and mechani- cally, which renders his process much superior to the usual method of Photography.

    Prices of Portraits, including colouring, from 12s. Iron work for Stables, Agricul- tural Machines and Ventilators in every variety. Any one who will give information, which will lead to the recovery of the above, to the Editor of this Paper, will be handsomely rewarded. Menai Straits, opposite to Carnarvon, to which place a Steamer plies daily and hourly. Good Stabliug and Coach House. Kitchen Garden with 25 acres of Land, and more if required.

    English Service at Llanidan every Sunday at Three o'clock. Application to be made to Mr. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament, 12 and 13 Vic. For the convenience of frequent Travellers, the Company also issue Periodical Tickets. No Candidate will be elected unless he is acquainted with the Welsh language. Board-room, June 22nd, Goods of sterling quality only are introduced into this Establishment, and for which charges are made that cannot be beaten iii the kingdom.

    Ladies and Gentlemen's Lawu and Embroidered Handkerchiefs. AU of which have hitherto given general satisfaction, and which J. Cenfydd prynwyr Cymreig yma farchnadfa fanteisiol, trwy brynu y Dodrefn tra rhagorol yma.

    The market and post towns of Llanerchymedd and Amlwch, with the seaport of the latter, are each distant about 4 miles; and the Chester and Holyhead Railway, brings Irtluud, London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and many other places, within a short day's journey; thus combining, with porfrct retirement, the of quick and easy access to all parts of the kingdom. She carries an experienced Surgeon.

    She is Cutter-rigged, suitable for Match Sailing, or for ordinary purposes; is in excellent repair, and well found in every rcspect. New Line of Packets from Liverpool. This splendid Vessel has a most spacious Poop and very superior accommodation for cabin passengers. She carries an experienced Surgeon. Persons applying early will have the choice of cabins.

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  • For freight oc passage apply to Sir John Pirie, Bart. The Tourist will leave Dolgellau 3very Morning Sunday excepted, at 10 o'clock, arriving at Carnarvon by i in the Evening.

    Further particulars may be had on application to Mr. Pritchard, Post-master, r Mr. Byrne, Post-master, Beaumaris Mr, J. Jones, Ship-agent, Carnarvon or to Mr.

    john lewis train cot bed duvet cover John lewis train cot bed duvet cover

    Rounthwaite, at the Company's Office, 21, Water St. Menai Bridge Office, 26th April,



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