camping cot bed uk Camping cot bed uk

It may take just one broken or flat camping bed before you retire from the outdoors activity altogether.

cream sleigh cot bed

However, camping is way too much fun to miss out on. Big or small I say we should all enjoy camping as much as possible. Especially for us bigger guys and gals.

camping cot bed uk Camping cot bed uk

To make sleeping under the stars that much easier, we have gone out and found what we think are the best suited heavy duty air beds and camping cots to cater to heavier weight capacities. As well as extra wide sleeping areas and preferably raised beds. The higher the bed sits from ground level the easier it is to get in and out of the bed. Plus it adds extra storage space beneath the cot, which is a huge plus if you are taking the family.

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  • You decide which camping bed is better for you. While the weight limit is quite desirable, this air mattress has the lot if you ask me. When fully inflated this bed is raised 19 inches from ground level which I believe is sufficient for us large folk. So getting up from a good nights rest is no longer a 2 person job from the ground floor. I think SoundAsleep have the upper hand on the competition with the innovative comfort coil technology.

    camping cot bed uk Camping cot bed uk

    The mattress is compiled of 40 odd air coils spread evenly throughout the bed. The air coil pockets are meant to create an evenly balanced sleeping surface.

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  • These air pockets are like vertical beams supporting your entire body. The horizontal beams tend to bubble and warp out of shape.

    Comfortable cots are generally heavier and thus not meant to be carried for long distances. Though they are supposed to be sturdy the wear and tear may be more They may be a little cumbersome to carry What are the characteristics of cots for tents? Lightweight backpackers should consider carrying a camping cot into the back country.

    But not with the vertical style of air support. These are the ingredients for a super comfortable camping bed. The material used to finish this bed is high quality PVA. The multiple layer material is comprised of 15 gauge puncture resistance, which is topped of with a flocked suede like waterproof top.

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  • Comes with a handy storage bag too easy to roll away. Easily my highest recommendation when it comes to a high quality durable camping bed for heavy people.



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