cosatto cot bed parts Cosatto cot bed parts

I was a first time worrying Mum and wanted only the very best. I plumped for the Cosatto Bedside Cot, which Aaron beautifully slept in with the side down for 6 months. It was bliss being able to see him and reach him for night time feeds.

Personally I have a lot of questions about the Snuz Pod but am very impressed with the Q and A answers here. Anyway back then, when Aaron was born we had a huge bedroom and having the cot next to our bed posed no problems whatsoever. A bit late in the day, I am discovering the squish that our Bedside Cot creates, but excitement that we have built it yesterday is taking my mind of it-ish. I was a bit premature about building it and asked hubby to do so back in October.

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  • I am so glad he didn't acquiesce, because between then and now it would have guzzled our space. I just wanted to allow for the baby being premature, which being pshycic I full well knew she wouldn't be, but I was trying to do that done "prepare prepare" thing, which is a little bit ironic now, given that I am giving birth in six days yet am yet to pack a hospital bag I know I know Anyway, we built the cot at the weekend after finally finding the screws in November.

    I would have been in a panic if it took longer to find them, as Cosatto also told me last year that they no longer have them as a spare part as 1 they no longer make the cot 2 they no longer use that warehouse and 3 despite having the screws as a spare part, they ran out of them in the Summer.

    I was quite excited till I realised that yes, the first 4 screws WERE secure, but the second LONGER set of 4, clearly needed something to screw into and 4 holes that we had nothing to shove in to gave the game away as to what it might be. Did I keep the instructions so I could find the name of the missing "part" - nope!!!! The first staff member I approached told us to go to a "bed shop" or "Ikea" but luckily a colleague walked up at that point, with a better knowledge of ironmongery sorry I call it that as many years ago, I myself was a DIY Manager and said "we stock those".

    Yesterday, bump or no bump.

    cosatto cot bed parts Cosatto cot bed parts

    I knew Daddy would want to do it after the school run, so I sneaked in and got it out of the way while he was in the loo. Remember after all I said I started nesting with gusto!

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  • Anyway, he had built the remainder of it. Also, he's been getting stuff down from the attic and clearing the spare room at the rate of knots, so it was no big shakes. The benefit is, it means our bed is closer to the window we moved the bed over a couple of feet to accommodate the cot and with the breathlessness I am currently getting, it felt nice last night being closer to the breeze from the window.

    Although, when my little lady is here, I will be swapping sides with Daddy so I can sleep adjacent to her of course. OH and I decided to set the cot up about 4 weeks ago only to find some of the parts were missing So anyways I went to toys r us and yippee they did a spare parts pack for it but it was out of stock You can avoid interest by paying the cash price in full within the payment free period.

    Although, when my little lady is here, I will be swapping sides with Daddy so I can sleep adjacent to her of course. So that's where I am - cot build and in situ. BUT still lots to be done and 6 days till little lady is here.

    cosatto cot bed parts Cosatto cot bed parts

    I know I know I am still overdue doing a Vlog. I am playing with the idea of doing one today but although the lighting is perfect it's so sunny but cold my hair is greasy!!!! Oh and I am very sad that we cannot find our Tommee Tippee steriliser.

    I wanted to have it out and ready in case breastfeeding goes wrong.

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    We got a brand new second one on exchange in Tesco, towards the end of using one with Aaron, so not only would I want to resuse it anyway, I know as it was exchanged that it is barely used and definitely good to go, but can we find it - noooooo! I breastfed Aaron for 13 months, but did a top-up bottle feed at every feed, low milk supply and initially a tongue tie so in effect combination fed, so am trying to get ready in case the same again is required.

    We bought a starter set of bottles in Mothercare at the weekend. Along with a lot of other things. Lots of love, Liska xxx Posted by.



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