folding cot bed ikea Folding cot bed ikea

February 24, 5 minute read I might be a little weird, but I love going to home showrooms.

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  • I always used to love it when we had to go with my parents. I remember wandering around the pretend rooms, mentally picking out which pieces of furniture,bedding and curtains I would have for my imaginary house. Now that I live a mere few miles away from an Ikea, I can go all the time.

    I used to go loads when Arlo was small as a way to pass the time.

    folding cot bed ikea Folding cot bed ikea

    After two hours of leisurely browsing, I was very proud of myself for coming away with nothing more than the mirror I went in for. And one photo frame. If I had all the money in the world to spend at Ikea, here is what I would buy.

    The living room is crying out for an Ektorp corner sofa. We currently have two two-seaters donated by my cousin.

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  • In order to fit them both in, they have to overlap. This photo is from way before our living room got taken over by toys. We were using the dead space created by the sofa-overlap as a little drinks table, but more recently it has been housing my PC Hello backache. Also, those sofas have really slanted backs and the base cushions are also quite sloped.

    Great for lounging, but my god it made it hard to breastfeed Arlo when he was a baby, even with the help of lots of cushions.

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    It was actually really stressful. I used to find it easier to sit on the floor and suffer a numb bum during hour long feeding sessions every couple of hours. Ah, those were the days. However, this Hemnes daybed would look so much prettier. This one is the biggy. A few things about our current bed also kindly donated by a cousin.

    I used to go loads when Arlo was small as a way to pass the time. That means we need to be able to fit a full size cot next to our bed. Two men in a van came the next day.

    It is really low to the ground so there is no storage space underneath. The frame has a cumbersome four inch surround. Although losing out on that extra storage space is annoying, the surround is what irks me the most.

    Also, due to having a two bedroom house, we will be co-sleeping up until child number two is ready to be roomies with Arlo. That means we need to be able to fit a full size cot next to our bed. This bed would be great. Who am I kidding, we would never fit a king size bed, a wardrobe, and a co-sleeping cot in our bedroom. Or the new place happens to be big enough for a king size bed, but we just spent our money on a new double just because it was the only option for our old house?

    I think there is a lot to be said for making do with what you have whilst living the dream through Pinterest , of course.

    folding cot bed ikea Folding cot bed ikea

    Do you have an item of furniture currently annoying the hell out of you? A coveted item that you would love to buy but could never justify the cost?

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  • Seriously, any tips about the sidecar cot situation would be great. I lie awake thinking about it.



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