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At what age should I move my child from a cot to a bed? Every child is unique, so the answer to this will vary greatly.

In the chambre de parade, where the ceremonial bed was placed, certain persons, such as ambassadors or great lords , whom it was desired to honour, were received in a more intimate fashion than the crowd of courtiers. They could simply have grown too big to sleep comfortably in their cot. What age would you recommend a child begins to sleep in the top bunk?

They may be ready to move out of their cot at 18 months old, for or others it could be two years. As a parent, you will know when the time is right for your child.

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They could simply have grown too big to sleep comfortably in their cot. Try to make the transition a positive experience by being upbeat and happy when you initially broach the subject. Let them choose some new bedding perhaps, or if they seem upset about the change, let them sleep with their old cot blanket for comfort.

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  • To ease into this new phase, keep bedtime routines exactly the same but make sure there is a gate on the stairs in case your child goes walkabout during the night! Once your child has outgrown their cot, or cotbed, there are no concrete rules when it comes to choosing a bed. If you are concerned that your child is really struggling with leaving their cot, or cotbed, then perhaps a small toddler bed might be the best way forward.

    If, however, you want to invest in something that will last many years more, a sturdy and durable adult-sized bed is the ideal solution. At Little Lucy Willow, all our beds are full size but are designed and built with both toddlers and teens in mind.

    under bed cot Under bed cot

    At the lowest height setting, our beds are just 23cm from the floor. In later years, the base can be raised and underbed storage or truckle added if required to accommodate your growing child or teen. Whatever you decide, it is always a good idea to use a bed guard initially for that little extra security until your child gets used to sleeping without rails. What age do children generally outgrow their first bed and what are the options at this point?

    If you purchased a small toddler bed after your child grew too big for their cot, or cotbed, the answer to this is very quickly!

    At Little Lucy Willow, we recommend buying a cotbed for your baby followed by a full sized, high quality bed when your child is ready, around the age of four. If your child is a little older, a cabin bed or high sleeper might be an option, especially where space is at a premium.

    under bed cot Under bed cot

    A handmade Little Lucy Willow double bed will last for decades. With underbed storage or a truckle added you can host legendary sleepovers too!

    The great bed at Versailles had crimson velvet curtains on which "The Triumph of Venus" was embroidered. Louis XI is credited with its first use and the custom lasted till the end of the monarchy.

    A well-made, sturdy double bed will also serve as a guest bed when your little ones have grown and flown the nest… How can I ensure a bunk bed is safe for my children?

    What age would you recommend a child begins to sleep in the top bunk? EU guidelines state that bunk beds should only be used by children aged six years or over. However, as a parent you will know if your child is mature enough to sleep on the top bunk and whether they are able to use the ladder safely and sensibly should they need to get up during the night.

    Bunk beds with solid, continuous side rails provide extra safety for young children whilst making them feel secure as they sleep too.

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  • At Little Lucy Willow we put comfort and safety above all else. Stunning design is just a bonus! Our furniture is luxurious, affordable and built to last. We want to make sure you enjoy your shopping experience with Little Lucy Willow from start to finish. Contact a member of our friendly team on or email enquiries lucywillow.



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