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Read Keith's Article 28th November Not the Moorfoot's While many were running in the Moorfoots, four intrepid explorers were investigating a new journey run in the hills to the north of Innerleithen.

The hardest part was finding our way out of the town and on to the hillside. We were soon rewarded with a fine viewpoint which was surrounded by seven pillars topped with sculptures. It was built in to power a textile mill in Walkerburn. The snow got deeper underfoot so we turned for Scawd Law and descended into the forest for a lunch stop. Delightful green paths took us down through the forest to Walkerburn.

We finished off with a run beside the River Tweed before getting lost once again in the back streets of Innerleithen. Conditions were great for running - crispy and cold on the tops and almost warm in the valley. Crunching through the snow was magical - just ask Ben!

Three of us peeled off and did the shorter course whilst the others went on to enjoy more sun and snow - although they eventually cut the route short when the deepening snow made step-making hard work. Thanks to Keith for leading. Keith's Report The annual Moorfoots run attracted 10 enthusiasts plus hungry dog on a calm winter morning with crusty snow on the hilltops and distant views of the snowcapped Ochils and Lomonds.

The ones able to get out of bed enjoyed a very fine ascent of Dundreich and Blackhope Scar with crusty snowcover.

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  • It was good to see that the hostile no-access notice on the Dundreich ascent have been removed and replaced by sensibly neutral land management notices around the estate. Off Dundreich, three opted out of further struggle in the breaking crust and took the South Esk Glen route, leaving the rest to continue to Blackhope Scar summit.

    At the summit, a quick vote led to total collapse of support for the 15 mile option in the frustrating snow. As we dropped down to Hirundean we were welcomed by a small flock of paragliders on the escarpment above Gladhouse, soaring like predatory birds hunting for bite-size snacks of hill-runner. On a fantastic hill top course with beautiful views overlooking Cheviot, Carnethy used their hill running strength with some success by taking the team prize from a stunned City of Edinburgh Lucy was also 2nd woman, 2 secs behind fellow Carnethy member Marbeth Shiell who was running for her cross-country club, Edinburgh WM and has been chosen to represent Scotland in the European XC trials with the two of them neck and neck all the way.

    Another hill runner, Andy Kitchin of Lothian, who became a father last week it's a boy called Sam! The Scots were well represented. Jill Mykura, Stewart Whitlie and Ronnie Gallagher of Carnethy and Jethro Shettleston all picked up individual awards along with the Carnethy vets and senior mens teams. As well as providing the Photos, Jethro Asks: They were running part of the course for next year's long race in the Howgills.

    Should manage to retain the title with this much commitment!

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    Reports 'There was a few inches of snow on top which made for a very slippy descent between the two summits and I fell flat on my face cornering on sheet ice at the start of the forest. The race was very enjoyable until the 'sting in the tail' - the uphill section through the woods near the end, where I had to keep shuffling in order to escape Nick and his camera!

    It was good to see Karen Powell running again while baby Lily watched slept through? He emphasised how important it was to get as far up the field before the route left the track and went into the forest. After that it is virually impossible to overtake on the narrow path that ploughs through thick heather. How right he was! We were also warned by the race organiser to stick to the new path and the sections of steps between the summits, even though a slip could have quite serious consequencies.

    Marshals would be watching! What felt like the entire field went past me before the forest path, including Angela at some speed. The steps further up were covered in snow, but not too slippy. A couple of bits of confusion on the route through the forest and a head-plant into the heather didn't stop me having an enjoyable race. Steve Fallon 18th November Increased sponsorship for Carnethy 5 Race We are pleased to announce that Run 4 It , who are a fast expanding running shop, have joined Tiso , the well known outdoor retailer, as sponsors of the Carnethy 5 race.

    All the more reason to get your entries in soon! We headed up the farm track past a couple of bulls for a mile or two before heading up to the summit of The Mount, scaring a few cows on the way.

    It was a wonderful night with no need for torches. We turned south and followed the ridge over Grain Heads to the trig at Mount Maw before descending East down past Carlopshill and back to the pub for a well earned beer and to meet the wimps or injured waiting in the Alan Ramsay.

    Collection of unopened classical music CD's on stand. Victorian plush box with photo of HMS Resolution on lid.

    Thanks to Kate Jenkins for leading the run. The weather was windy and misty on top but that didn't seem to put anyone off.

    The race was won by Alasdair Anthony of Ochils in Angela Mudge of Carnethy was first lady in 15th position overall, recording her 6th win at Tinto. Interestingly for those who are worried about the lack of younsters in hill running, there was only 1 vet in the top 10 this year compared with 7 last year.

    westbury cot bed parts Westbury cot bed parts

    Here's the best of the photos taken below the cloud! Senior Results and if you want to compare your time results from previous years More Photos can be found in our Photo Archive 11th November Kings Buildings Hill Handicap Although the field was diminished due to injury, 5 runners set off on the KB Handicap, Mike Browne and Jamie Taylor were 5 minutes late for the start so that made 7, then Colin Pritchard arrived 35 minutes late to make 8, but at least he still ran the route.

    Hilarty Holding was seen 45 minutes late running in the worng direction. Despite all that , the race was won by Steve Fallon in a PB of This was no mass participation event. Pete Baxter, his bike buddy, Stuart, and I intended to pool resources although we had never ridden together before and Pete and Stuart would be in unknown-reserves territory beyond 50 miles.

    A dull dreich morning grew steadily wetter, with a head wind. We stopped briefly at the Samye Ling Stupa for spiritual uplift. Northwestward to Wamphray, the rain was bouncing off the road and wet leaves were making the cornering hairy. Mental resolve was deteriorating in the appalling conditions — slightly offset by the fuzzy impressions of a glorious landscape through the gloom.

    We had occasional brief encounters with other riders absorbed in their own struggles. With the wind now on our backs we descended Wamphray Glen. Great shafts of sunlight floodlit the hillsides and it stopped raining!

    The pace lifted to Moffat, where we stoked up on hot food before the climb up to the Beeftub. We re-grouped at the top, with me wondering about the damage I might have sustained on the hard push up the hill.

    A long fast cruise down to Broughton lifted our spirits and combined tactics were restored as we got increasingly droopy. It was dark by Biggar and we attempted to get some service from the grumpiest pizza shop E side of High St in Scotland, which objected to being disturbed by potential customers. The Dreva climb back over to the Tweed restored Stuart to prominence and me to near collapse.

    My descent speed was limited by a head-mounted Petzl with Pete and Stuart using Monte Carlo rally lights. This led to more hairy cornering with too little evidence of where the edge of the road was. A final sprint down the Tweed lifted our average to Good teamwork had lifted the pace very well.

    This is a superb circuit for a hard day, or a pleasant two days on the bike.

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  • Cameron Burt was the only Carnethy vest, finishing th in a field of almost , but Mark Johnston was there in his City of Edinburgh guise and finished a commendable 21st.

    The forecast was horrible and the weather was even horribler. It started to rain the instant we left the car park and soon the mist descended and the gale force winds sprang up. Even when we got there we could only see their vague outlines in the sky above us. The rain eased as we ran through the forest by Harperleas reservoir and on by Ballo reservoir. On the way back towards East Lomond we stopped to admire the well-preserved lime kiln and to read the interpretive notice boards.

    The Roman Baths - 14 Miles The gentleman on the left in a top hat is Mr Cutler. En- trance Fee, Is.

    We should have gone over the top of East Lomond but the weather was so horrible again that we tried to skirt round the side. This led to a slithering, slippery slide down through bracken to the track at the bottom. Our run through the woods to Falkland was carpeted by a thick layer of golden leaves.

    We passed a tea shop through the town but no-one had brought any money and we were probably too wet to be let in. We had a rest stop in the park where Karen and Shane tried out the swings. We headed on past the House of Falkland, stopping to admire the ornate building and the spiral stone chimneys. Santa Claus would be dizzy by the time he got down those. We ignored the signs for the Pillars of Hercules and carried on into Maspie Den, crossing over and under many ornate stone bridges.

    One advantage of the rain was that the waterfalls were in full flow. Higher up we passed the limestone crags before having a photo stop behind the top waterfall. As we walked the last half mile up the road to the car park, the rain stopped, the sky turned blue and the sun came out.



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