baby sleigh cot Baby sleigh cot

The girls dressed up and had a wonderful time driving the sleigh around the neighborhood. It drove fine on grass and slightly uneven terrain. It is best on a paved or concrete surface, but it works fine on grass. The lights and sounds are fantastic. The assembly is by far the easiest I have ever seen for a kids powered vehicle.

I have put together several and this took less than 5 minutes including taking it out of the box. Just don't forget that you have to plug in the lights found within the rear back rest to the plug for the battery before you install it. The instructions does not address this and I can see people failing to do this. My unit was also missing one of the screw holes for installing the rear support seat assembly; however it was easy to fix.

Overall this gets an A. The girls favorite is still the Disney Princess Carriage; however this comes a close second.

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  • You can watch a video of the the Sleigh being used below. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with in the future. See more Awesome Gift for Birthdays Average rating: I bought this product for her 4th birthday. She had a wonderful time, it comfortably sits two toddlers with good leg room, it has two speeds and a reverse option, she likes the lights and sound that comes with it. It's ideal indoor, outdoor on pave or concrete terrain, not so good on grass or uneven terrain. Assembly was quite short, it took less than an hour to get all the parts together, instruction was pretty straight forward.

    baby sleigh cot Baby sleigh cot

    One thing I can say about this product is its real strong, I can cramp in it and drive it down to the garage when my daughter leaves it in the driveway. I'm pretty satisfied with this purchase. See more Nice, but arrived damaged Average rating: It was a gift for my three year old daughters birthday, and when it arrived, she saw the box and immediately wanted to drive it!

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    After opening it, we realized there were multiple damaged parts cracked steering wheel, cracked light, area where battery compartment is a screw was completely detached and not fixable, and other damages. This item is no longer made, is out of stock online, and not in any local store within a 60 mile radius.

    It was a gift from her grandparents who live in another state and they were disappointed to find out it arrived damaged. We do love it, just wish have arrived damaged free.

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  • See more Average rating: Second one the pieces wouldn't snap together because they were out of shape. I wouldn't recommend it. We do offer technical assistance and warranty parts through our Customer Service department. Please give us a call at 8am - 5pm CST, Monday through Friday and one of our technicians will be happy to assist you. See more It's OK.

    Pros and cons Average rating: The battery doesn't fully charge it charges only half and charger automatically shuts off, I just bought this 3 days ago.

    It's affordable and pretty fast. My 5 year old daughter loves it. It lights up and plays music.

    Is the cotbed easy to keep clean? With this model there is also the option to use it as a sofa once your child has completely outgrown it, by re-attaching one of the sides. The drawer is an added bonus and great for storage.

    Wish I had cool stuff like this when I was a kid.



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