cot mattress on sale Cot mattress on sale

Checkout Cot Mattress Safety The safety of your newborn child is paramount and no doubt is the first thing you think of as a parent when buying products for your little one. Cot mattresses are no exception and the good news is that they are covered by a number of stringent safety regulations. There are also a number of tips that can ensure your child can rest safely when you put them to bed which are also covered.

This article should help reassure you and give you the tools you need to ensure your new cot mattress meets the necessary criteria. Whether its regulations to ensure your mattress is compliant or the chemical composition of some products that may be unsafe for babies this article will take you through a number of safety concerns and provide advice as to how to best reduce the risks.

All home furnishings and mattresses must comply with a number of safety regulations. These regulations came into force in and are the product of a series of catastrophic house fires. These were caused by either home electrical items or where furniture had combusted, usually by lit cigarettes falling on them, causing either death or serious injury.

cot mattress on sale Cot mattress on sale

It led to the creation of safety standards and regulations to ensure that products in a domestic setting are as safe as possible for UK consumers. These can be split into fire regulations and safety certification regulations.

The standards are set by British regulations BS You can check products by inspecting the FR label. An example of an official label can be seen below and we have a detailed article dedicated to FR in mattresses here. It should smoulder but never ignite, the tests are stringent for good reason.

A cot mattress should always carry this label.

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  • Cheaper imported foams have been seen to fail fire retardancy regulations and the numerous recalls over the years about unsafe foams have rightly caused outrage by consumers. Even recently there have been numerous press stories about imported foam that fails both the FR test and also contains restricted or banned chemical compounds.

    The best way to avoid this is to steer well clear of foams and cheap synthetic cot mattresses. Counterfeit labels have also been found, could this get any more worrying, we have an example below so you can spot the real from the fake.

    These are the UK based regulations to ensure that cot mattresses and associated products are safe and fit for purpose.

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  • We have included a summary of the most pertinent points here. If you want to read the entire regulation you can purchase them from FIRA.

    The fabric needs to pass a number of criteria, such as colour fasting, tear strength, seam slippage and tensile strength. There will always be some form of chemical treatment of furniture and mattresses even just in the cleaning process but the aim is to keep this to a minimum by using natural fibres where possible.

    The EU regulates the use of phthalates but products imported from outside the UK, especially cheap auction bought mattresses, can still contain these. The cot mattress industry primarily used vinyl surface coverings to cover foam mattresses.

    This polyvinyl chloride PVC surface leaked phthalates which can then be ingested via breathing or orally via babies chewing toys or even mattress covers.

    A Cot or Cot Bed? Drop sides Video of the Week It is worth considering whether you want fixed or drop-sides.

    Here we offer some guidance as a starter for ten but always advise you seek help from both the NHS and other reputable sources. There are some guidelines to reduce the likelihood of SIDS listed below to help. Foot to foot sleeping position: Putting your baby in the foot to foot sleeping position, where the feet are at the bottom of the crib, and adequately tucked into the blanket is the most widely advised technique. Do not allow the blanket to cover your babies head.

    Always make sure that baby sleeps in their cot or cot bed. Falling asleep on a sofa can lead to unsafe sleeping positions for babies. Understand the risks of co-sleeping: If your baby was premature there are suggestions that co-sleeping can be dangerous.

    The advice is always to let your baby sleep in its cot bed in the same room as you but not in bed with you. Rolling out of bed or being rolled onto are the biggest risks in co-sleeping.

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    Cot Mattress Safety Guidelines The following guidelines should act as a baseline to ensure your cot mattress provides your baby with a perfect nights sleep whilst also keeping them safe and sound.

    This helps prevent the baby from wriggling under the blankets. Always ensure a good close fit of the mattress in the cot. Replace covers if you damage them or they get snagged during refitting. As our cot mattress is made from natural coir and lambswool off-gassing is at a minimum due to the absence of chemicals or foams. We only use breathable cotton and polyester blended covers, which are waterproof — again helping to reduce the concern over synthetic products impacting your babies sleep or health.

    All of our products are made by hand here in the UK and we never import cheaper products like some retailers.

    So if you have any more questions on cot mattress safety why not submit your question to help other new parents?



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