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There are two types of surrogacy, straight or host. The surrogate uses her own egg fertilised with the intended father's sperm. This is done by artificial insemination using a syringe or there are an increasing number of infertility clinics willing to help with traditional surrogacy. Please contact our secretary if you need advice. Gestational Host IVF surrogacy: Our Information booklet informs you what to expect when embarking upon gestational surrogacy.

The information booklet is available to download from the navigation links above, should you have any queries please contact our secretary on the above email address for information. Surrogacy IS legal in the UK. For a quide of these expenses please see our downloads page. It should also be noted that, at present, the law does not recognise surrogacy as a binding agreement on either parties.

There is very little the intended parents can do to secure their position prior to the birth, even in the case of gestational surrogacy where the baby is genetically related to both intended parents and not the surrogate.

cots uk Cots uk

Once the child is born and if the intended father's name goes on the birth certificate, then he automatically has equal rights over the child with the surrogate. At this stage the surrogate relinquishes all her rights over the child. Overseas Couples regarding surrogacy in the UK Couples living outside the UK- The Adoption and Children Act whose relevant sections became effective on 31 December makes it illegal for anyone to take a child out of the UK with a view to adopting it in a non-UK country.

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  • It is also illegal for anyone to advise or assist such persons in any way. Please read relevant sections 84 to 86 Effectively, COTS can no longer help overseas couples and nor can we enter into any further discussion of any kind with such couples.

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    We understand the obvious distress this will cause and point out that we were not consulted or informed in any way regarding the drafting, implications or implementation of this legislation. What motivates women to be surrogates?

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    It may be symptomatic of the 'me, me, me', 'grab it while you can' attitude that is now prevalent in society, but many casual observers fail to look beyond money as a motivating factor for surrogacy.

    There have been instances, often resulting in a nightmare for all concerned, where a surrogate's prime motivation has been financial gain. Fortunately such cases are the exception; in general women are motivated to be surrogates because they feel a desire to help others. Many potential surrogates place great value on their own children and family life, and recognise the pain and suffering felt by women who face a lifetime of childlessness.

    Some have seen members of their own family or friends battle against infertility. Most surrogates derive a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that they have changed peoples' lives for the good, making what would otherwise be an impossible dream come true. Why surrogacy - why not adoption?

    Despite recent medical advances in the treatment of infertility there are still very many couples who, for various reasons, cannot have a family of their own. A generation ago adoption was, for many, an alternative to a life without children. Due to the social changes of the last thirty years, i.

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  • Today the chances of a childless couple in the UK being able to adopt a baby are becoming increasingly remote. With many more couples applying to adopt than there are children available for adoption, rigorous adoption criteria have evolved. These can leave would-be parents feeling hurt and bewildered as to why they are deemed unsuitable.

    In numerous cases couples spend years - and thousands of pounds - on unsuccessful medical treatment. For many, surrogacy is the only alternative to childlessness.

    Do many surrogates keep the baby? Although COTS fully acknowledge that one such case is one too many, it should be borne in mind that the vast majority of successful surrogate births go unreported. COTS have now reached a milestone where we are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year COTS are constantly reviewing the support and advice we give to our members to keep up to date with changes in social media.

    COTS provide a wide range of practical support and advice to surrogates and intended parents entering into traditional or gestational surrogacy.



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