white and wood cot White and wood cot

It has a fine, tight grain and even texture.

white and wood cot White and wood cot

Beech wood is very light in colour and has a high shock resistance. It is a popular wood for furniture and will give your room a warm feeling.

With its smooth finish it is a great wood to polish.

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It is primarily used for bent pieces of furniture such as a chair with curved backrests. Ash is light brown in colour with a straight grain.

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  • It is known for having lovely open wood grain markings. It is a very traditional, versatile and popular type of wood. It is also a popular choice for use on veneers. As maple wood is so strong and moisture resistant it is the ideal wood to withstand years of wear and tear. Maple wood is pale in colour and has natural swirls and twists in the wood grain. It can easily accepts any type of stain or paint. It is less durable wood compared to hard woods such as maple or oak.

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  • Pine blends well with other woods, making it ideal if you are looking for furniture that will match existing pieces in your home. One of the most popular fibre boards is MDF - constructed of medium density fibres that are known for their strength and durability and lend themselves ideally to furniture products. In-fact many will be surprised as to how much MDF furniture is around them.

    From birth until baby can roll over, you can position the base at the highest level for easy and comfortable access to your little one. Plus, you can usually get everything The Oliver wood cot bed in white was Born from a proud Scandinavian tradition of wood making.

    MDF is extremely popular with Ikea, another leading furniture retailer. In the majority of cases, furniture built with MDF will have a wooden veneer bonded to it to give it an expensive looking finishing touch. Particle Board Chipboard Chipboard is a manufactured wood, made from wood chips and shavings that are bonded together with resin. Chipboard is extremely popular when making furniture, especially Ikea furniture.

    It is a dense wood and is commonly used with a veneered surface which is used for flat-packed furniture and work surfaces. Plywood Plywood is a very strong manufactured wood as it is build-up of layers of wood veneers which are bonded together to create a flat smooth sheet of wood. It is popular in the furniture and flooring industries due to its inherent strength and resistance to warping due to the bonded cross-ply construction. Veneer A veneer refers to a thin layer of wood which is cut from the circumference of a tree.

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  • It is then bonded onto a dense piece of wood, which is typically MDF, chipboard or plywood. Veneers are available in many sizes, ranging from 3 to 6mm thick.

    white and wood cot White and wood cot

    Many people mistakenly assume that veneered furniture is cheaper than solid wood; however, veneers quite often are used in high end furniture pieces and it can be more costly than solid wood.

    The way to find out if your piece of furniture is veneered is by looking at the edges, and checking if the grain lines run off the top and over the edges of the wood. As a veneer is real wood, it will accept stains and finishes much like solid wood.



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