sleigh cot bed with drop side Sleigh cot bed with drop side

You can choose from our best sleigh cot list for in the UK.

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A perfect cot should offer luxury, comfort and be compact enough with your limited space. The cot has a double purpose as it converts to a day bed and toddler bed, and can also be used as a sofa for your toddler.

The East Nursery Alaska Sleigh Cotbed has 3 adjustable base heights and two fixed sides for all time comfort for your growing baby.

The sleigh cot also comes with a full width under drawer to save on space.

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  • It has four casters to enhance manoeuvrability. The cot offers safety for your baby as they start to roll or move around.

    I was notified of a delivery date but we were going to be away so I tried to rearrange on line — not possible, I rang the courier and it was not possible to rearrange by phone either. The bars are sturdy and strong to prevent your little one from escaping.

    For that extra style and fashion, choose the East Coast Nursery Alaska Cotbed and get great value for your money. This sleigh cot comes in the dimension of Customers had this to say about the East Nursery Alaska Sleigh cot bed: Everything inside was great.

    This sleigh cot is multi-purpose and can be converted to a toddler bed, day bed or sofa. The cot is made with quality materials and meets the British and European Safety Standards. The single drop side mechanism enables easy access to your baby for nappy change, or when you want to feed your baby. For the storage of your baby essentials, the cot comes with full drawer on runners for extra and secure storage.

    The award winning cot has 3 adjustable base heights for different growing stages of your baby making it suitable for your kid from birth up to the age of four.

    To allow fresh air for your baby and to allow you to have a clear view of your sleeping baby, the sleigh cot has all-round slats to enhance visibility and ventilation.

    sleigh cot bed with drop side Sleigh cot bed with drop side

    The Babymore Eva Sleigh Cotbed is made from solid pine wood giving it an extra edge in quality and convenience. Already parents are using this quality sleigh cot bed and had the following to say: Took me and my brother an hour to put together, easy to read instructions and looks so elegant and expensive… The drawer holds a fair amount as well. Just we wanted, nice and sturdy.

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  • The draw underneath it perfect for storing Nappies. It is a perfect complement for any nursery. Made from quality beech wood, the sleigh cot is easily convertible to a sofa or day bed. The three level position design allows you to have your newborn to the near of the cot top for easy access during feed and nap time.

    The Mother Nurture Sleigh Cot comes with a rollaway drawer that offers storage space for nappies and other baby bits within easy reach. The cot is easy to assemble and is easy to place into position in your baby nursery. The bars are sturdy and strong to prevent your little one from escaping. It is a perfect choice for your sleek and clean baby bedroom and the cheapest of the three sleigh cots.

    It is very attractive and being white it goes with any nursery decor.

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  • Best Sleigh Cot Round-Up Buying the best Sleigh cot is crucial for the safety, comfort and proper growth of your baby. It can also be a perfect baby gift that any parent would highly appreciate.

    You may select the multi-purpose Babymore Eva Sleigh Cotbed with a single drop side for easy access to your baby, or go for the sleek Mother Nurture Sleigh Cot with 3 adjustable base height that grows with your baby, or the quality East Coast Nursery Alaska Sleigh Cotbed with underneath drawer for storage and 4 casters for improved maneuverability.

    This elegant cot bed is designed with solid pinewood and weighs a good 33 kgs. Full-width drawer on runner provide extra storage.



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